Chi Pu Shows Excitement With An “Exclusive” Photo Shoot By Her Fan

Chi Pu just shared some cool photos which were actually taken by her fan.

Chi Pu looks so cool when wearing a helmet.

Chi Pu’s Sunny (Chi Pu’s official fandom name) were excited when showing off their idol’s photos, which was taken by a fellow fan.

Chi Pu then wrote on her facebook wall “Đường tình thì em chịu thua, còn đường đua thì em chấp hếtttttt, Sunny chụp pé Chi ớ xinh hơm ạaaa 📸: @quynhparis36.”

The celebrity couldn’t feel more happy when she realizes how Sunny loves her so much, even though her fan took photos of her and didn’t forget to send over.

On the other hand, Chi Pu couldn’t hide her joy knowing how much her fan supports her, sharing these photos to the public immediately.

In the photos, Chi Pu is seen wearing a helmet with her bright sparkling eyes. Even though the helmet covers almost all of her head, it still can’t cover her elegant beauty.

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