Beauty Forum Denounces 2015 Miss Universe Vietnam Pham Huong For Going Plastic Surgery

2015 Miss Universe Vietnam Pham Huong was reported for having “plastic surgery” for her fake Vietnamese beauty.

Recently, a local beauty forum with massive number of followers unexpectedly paid special attention to 2015 Miss Universe Vietnam Winner Pham Huong.

Reposting a photo of Pham Huong when she took part in Vietnam’s Next Top Model and Miss Universe contest, the forum affirmed that the Vietnamese beauty has “gone through many cosmetic surgeries” before.

With the caption, it said: “Today, we bring you the look of beauty before they attend beauty contests. This is Pham Huong. The Winner at 2015 Miss Universe Vietnam competition.”

As netizens could see, when looking at the left picture, this young girl was alleged to have undergone the plastic surgery procedure in order to achieve her current beautiful appearance.

 This is not the first time that Pham Huong was alleged to have gone under the knife. She was crowned as the 2015 Miss Universe Vietnam four years ago. The Hai Phong original beauty was said to have “changed” her face with the indisputable evidence that her square and split chin seemingly disappeared with only her present V-line facial contour.

                     This is her perfect beauty at the present.

However, Pham Huong has denied the accusations for having plastic surgery.

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