Bao Anh Gifts To Her Mother A Beautiful House In Ho Chi Minh City

On March 15, Bao Anh proudly shared sneak peeks into the house that she gifted to her mother.

Bao Anh is known as a talented singer and actress in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Not only does she possess good appearance, she is also a filial daughter, and had recently built a house for her mother after years of hard work.

Photo via FB Bao Anh.

The beauty revealed photos of a house that she gave to her mom. As seen, the well-furnished house gives a sense of modern vibe, designed intricately in three primary colors; black, white and brown. 

As the artist revealed, the house was built carefully according to her mother’s wishes. With a spacious yard in front and behind of the nest, there is also a large Koi pond that enhances the ambience of a home.

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