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After 30 Years Old, Top V-pop Idol Son Tung M-TP Will Stop Singing?

The topic of Son Tung M-TP reaching 30 arose on Vietnamese online communities.

On the social network, an interesting conversation emerged from what’s thought to be between famed V-pop artist Son Tung M-TP and a female fan in a recent meet & greet event.

When Son Tung M-TP was asked about his plan after 30 years old, getting married and having children, he shared that he will stop working as an artist. Although music is Son Tung M-TP’s biggest passion, everyone will eventually get old and has to stop doing that.

However, the singer of the hit “Give It To Me” also said that he always hopes to receive the love in the way that fans have been supporting him in the past and present.

Immediately after being posted online, this topic attracted a great deal of attention from netizens. This is a rather unexpected information for fans of Son Tung M-TP, with many expressing their support for the singer such as “In any case, I always love you”, “how and what is your choice, I will always support and follow you.”


However, there is also the possibility that Son Tung M-TP will have a different focus in music instead of just stopping singing after the age of 30. Maybe he may either want to develop his own entertainment company or really retire, so at this moment, fans should not be getting worried just yet. Only time will tell when it comes.



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