After 3rd Childbirth, Hai Bang’s Husband Pampers With A Diamond Ring And Designer Bags

Hai Bang is being lovingly doted by her husband after the third childbirth.

On May 25, 2019, Hai Bang successfully gave birth to her third son. For giving birth this time, the singer was said to have endured health risk because she had cesarean delivery twice before and the last time was not long ago. After giving birth, she was well-cared and pampered by her husband a lot.

Not long ago, Thanh Dat bought a car to gift his wife. With this vehicle, they can bring their family around to hang out. Not only that, the actor also bought a diamond ring to give to his wife lately.

Most recently, Hai Bang posted on her personal SNS, sharing: “Husband, I promise this is the last bag I bought this month! Crazy about bag is a crime? This month spent 100 million to pick up 2 bags.”

After getting married, Hai Bang has been enjoying a blissful family life with her husband. At present, she already stopped her singing career. Instead, she focuses on her own online business and takes care of her family.

Such a happy family with cute kids.
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